Computational Traffic Flow Dynamics

Defined as: 
Computing Flow Dynamics from Vehicular Traffic Variable Artifacts, using 
Differential Algorithmic Variations, assisting in 
Logical Conceptual Design Overlays 


Sum of Alpha

Xgenasys™ - X™ 

The next Evolution alongside Intelligent Traffic Systems

ITTS - International Transit Telematic System

ITTS has three profound objectives an one minor:

our (planets) Environment    your Safety,  and most importantly 
Open Source Registered Platform (OSRP) for all nations.

Setting a standard world wide, so no matter where you drive
'Intuitive Transit Telematics' is understood by everyone.


ITTS is built around Channeled Telematics from communication 
devices equipped with Avics iChipset™ & iChipsetx


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FIRST USE: 20121007. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20121007

Computational process creating forecasts from vehicular artifacts:  'Xgenasys'™


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